Can I use these images without royalties/attribution/etc?

I am not the copyright/trademark/etc owner of any* of these. Use them at your own risk.

If you are the owner and do not want your logo here, please let me know (nicely) and I will be glad to remove it. No lawyers necessary: just submit an issue on github! Alternatively, it would be great if you provided the appropriately sized images yourself.

*Actually, I do own a few, so don't clone the site and think I won't notice!

Can I hotlink the images, or do I have to make my own copy?

I originally wasn't going to allow hotlinking, but CloudFlare promises unlimited free bandwidth, so I changed my mind. Unless CloudFlare changes their mind, hotlink away!

I always appreciate a link back (using a VectorLogoZone logo naturally!), but it isn't required.

How reliable is the site?

It is a static site, so it should be quite reliable. You can check the recent uptime report to see for yourself!

That said, there are no guarantees. Feel free to host the images you use on your own servers (though I would still like that backlink!).

Why only vector images?

Vector images look so much better, especially on high-resolution displays, and don't require any of the hacks needed for responsive images: they “just work”!

Will my users be able to see them?

According to Can I Use, 96% will be able to see them. It is probably quite a bit higher than that, since most of the remaining 4% support it, just not with embedded data URIs, which should not be in any of these SVGs.

But I really want to support IE8!

I have seen several different ways: picture, image and onerror. Good luck!

These images suck! Can't you do any better?

I am definitely not an artist, and generally do not do anything besides resize and rearrange existing artwork.

It can often be difficult to get the images to looks nice on their own and look good and consistent with the rest of the images.

(and see the next question!)

How can I help?

Contributions are welcome! Please see the vlz-contrib repo for guidelines and templates.

Thanks in advance!

What did you use to make this site?

Check out the credits page (featuring images from Vector Logo Zone, of course).

I have a question that is not answered here!

Feel free to contact me. Please note that this is just an unpaid sideline, so do not expect an immediate response.