Logo and text in a rectangle with a 2:1 aspect ratio. Image should include padding.
1and1 Rectangle 3scale Rectangle 8x8 Rectangle ABC Rectangle Acer Rectangle ACLU Rectangle Acrobat Rectangle ActiveMQ Rectangle Adaptavist Rectangle AddThis Rectangle AddToAny Rectangle Adidas Rectangle Adobe Rectangle Google AdSense Rectangle Adyen Rectangle Affirm Rectangle AggData Rectangle AgileCraft Rectangle Airbnb Rectangle Airtable Rectangle Alertify.js Rectangle Algolia Rectangle Alibaba Group Rectangle Almworks Rectangle AlternativeTo Rectangle Amazon.com Rectangle Amazon Web Services Rectangle AMD Rectangle AMP Rectangle android Rectangle AngelList Rectangle Angie's List Rectangle Angular.JS Rectangle ANSI Rectangle Apache Ant Rectangle ANZ Rectangle Associated Press Rectangle Apache Software Foundation Rectangle Appdome Rectangle Google AppEngine Rectangle AppHarbor Rectangle Apple Rectangle AppScale Rectangle Apple AppStore Rectangle Arduino Rectangle Ars Technica Rectangle Asana Rectangle ASUS Rectangle async.js Rectangle Atom bank Rectangle Atom Editor Rectangle Atomist Rectangle AT&T Rectangle Auth0 Rectangle Authy Rectangle Avery Rectangle Axios Rectangle Microsoft Azure Rectangle Babel.js Rectangle Backbone.js Rectangle Baidu Rectangle Balsamiq Rectangle Bank of America Rectangle Barclays Rectangle bash shell Rectangle Basho Rectangle Apache Batik Rectangle Bazel Rectangle BBC Rectangle BB&T Bank Rectangle BBVA Rectangle Beanstalk Rectangle Behance Rectangle BigCommerce Rectangle BigPanda Rectangle bing Rectangle BIPM Rectangle Bitbucket Rectangle Bitnami Rectangle Black Duck Rectangle Blended Perspectives Rectangle Blogger Rectangle Bloomberg.com Rectangle Bluetooth Rectangle BMC Software Rectangle Bank BNP Paribas Rectangle Bonsai Rectangle booking.com Rectangle Bootstrap Rectangle Bootswatch Rectangle The Boston Globe Rectangle Bower Rectangle box Rectangle Braintree Rectangle Branch Rectangle Brikit Rectangle Broccoli.js Rectangle Buffer Rectangle Bugsnag Rectangle BuyMeACoffee Rectangle CA Rectangle Capital One Rectangle ELO Rectangle CB Insights Rectangle CBS Rectangle CentOS Rectangle CenturyLink Rectangle Chrome Rectangle CIBC Rectangle CircleCI Rectangle Circonus Rectangle Citrix Rectangle CKAN Rectangle Clarizen Rectangle Clearvision Rectangle clipboard.js Rectangle Clojure Rectangle Cloud9 Rectangle CloudBees Rectangle Cloudera Rectangle Cloudflare Rectangle Cloud Foundry Rectangle CNBC Rectangle CNN Rectangle CocaCola Rectangle Cockroach Labs Rectangle Code Barrel Rectangle Codecademy Rectangle codecentric Rectangle Code Climate Rectangle codefresh Rectangle CodeMirror Rectangle CodePen Rectangle CoffeeScript Rectangle Comalatech Rectangle comcast Rectangle CommonMark Rectangle ContainerShip Rectangle Contegix Rectangle Convo Rectangle Copyleft Rectangle Apache Cordova Rectangle CoreOS Rectangle Cosmopolitan Rectangle Costco Rectangle Couchbase Rectangle Apache CouchDB Rectangle Coursera Rectangle Coyote Creek Rectangle Cprime Rectangle craigslist Rectangle Creative Commons Rectangle Crédit Agricole Rectangle The Christian Science Monitor Rectangle Cucumber Rectangle curl Rectangle D3.js Rectangle dailymotion Rectangle Darksky Rectangle Dart Rectangle Dashlane Rectangle DataArm Rectangle DataDog Rectangle DataHub Rectangle Datical Rectangle Debian Rectangle Decadis Rectangle Deiser Rectangle Dell Rectangle Delphix Rectangle Digg Rectangle Digital Ocean Rectangle Digital Rosetta Rectangle Discord Rectangle Discourse Rectangle Disqus Rectangle Django Rectangle Docker Rectangle docusaurus Rectangle Dribbble Rectangle Drip Rectangle Dropbox Rectangle DuckDuckGo Rectangle Dynatrace Rectangle eazyBI Rectangle EBANX Rectangle eBay Rectangle Eclipse Rectangle ecosia Rectangle Edge Rectangle edX Rectangle EFF Rectangle Egghead Rectangle Elasity Rectangle Elastic Search Rectangle Electron Rectangle Elm Rectangle emberjs Rectangle Engine Yard Rectangle Entrepreneur Rectangle Envoy Rectangle Envoy Proxy Rectangle Erlang Rectangle ESLint Rectangle Evernote Rectangle EveryDollar Rectangle Exoscale Rectangle Expium Rectangle express.js Rectangle eyeson Rectangle Facebook Rectangle Facebook_Messenger Rectangle Fastly Rectangle Federal Reserve Bank Rectangle Feedly Rectangle Figma Rectangle FileFormat.Info Rectangle Firebase Rectangle Firefox Rectangle FIRST Rectangle Fitbit Rectangle Flask Rectangle Flattr Rectangle Flickr Rectangle Flipboard Rectangle Fly.io Rectangle Fn project Rectangle Font Awesome Rectangle Forbes Rectangle FormKeep Rectangle Forrester Rectangle Fortune Rectangle foursquare Rectangle FOX Rectangle freelancer Rectangle freepik Rectangle Freshdesk Rectangle Front Rectangle FSF Rectangle Financial Times Rectangle Gandi.net Rectangle Gartner Rectangle General Electric Rectangle GeoNames Rectangle George Mason University Rectangle Grav Rectangle Monero Rectangle Pepperoni Rectangle Postman Rectangle Ghost Rectangle Ghostscript Rectangle Giant Swarm Rectangle Gimp Rectangle GIPHY Rectangle git Rectangle Github Rectangle GitKraken Rectangle gitlab Rectangle Glamour Rectangle Gliffy Rectangle Glitch Rectangle Gmail Rectangle GNOME Rectangle GNU Rectangle Go Language Rectangle Go2Group Rectangle GoDaddy Rectangle GoEdit Rectangle Goldman Sachs Rectangle Google Rectangle Google Analytics Rectangle Google Cloud Rectangle Google Drive Rectangle Google Maps Rectangle Google Play Rectangle Google+ Rectangle GQ Rectangle Gradle Rectangle Grails Rectangle Graphcool Rectangle GraphQL Rectangle Gravatar Rectangle Greenpeace Rectangle Groupon Rectangle Grubhub Rectangle Grunt Rectangle HackerOne Rectangle Handlebars Rectangle HashiCorp Rectangle Haskell Rectangle Hasura Rectangle Haxe Rectangle Harvard Business Review Rectangle Heatmap.TV Rectangle Helm Rectangle Heroku Rectangle Hexo Rectangle Hindsight Rectangle Hiptest Rectangle HockeyApp Rectangle Hortonworks Rectangle HostGator Rectangle Hewlett Packard Rectangle HSBC Rectangle HTML5 Rectangle HTML5Up Rectangle HubSpot Rectangle The Huffington Post Rectangle hyper.sh Rectangle HyperVelocity Consulting Rectangle IBM Rectangle IBM Cloud Rectangle IDC Rectangle IEEE Rectangle IETF Rectangle IFTTT Rectangle Adobe Illustrator Rectangle ImageMagick Rectangle Inc. Rectangle Inferno Rectangle ING Rectangle Ingress Rectangle Inkscape Rectangle Instagram Rectangle Intel Rectangle Intercom Rectangle Internet Archive Rectangle InVision Rectangle Iron.IO Rectangle Isos Technology Rectangle Istio Rectangle iText Rectangle Java Rectangle GlassFish Rectangle JavaScript Rectangle Jekyll Rectangle The Jenkins Project Rectangle JetBrains Rectangle Jetty Rectangle Mastodon Project Rectangle Joomla Rectangle jQuery Rectangle jsDelivr Rectangle JSFiddle Rectangle JSON Rectangle Justinmind Rectangle k15t Rectangle Apache Kafka Rectangle Kaggle Rectangle KakaoTalk Rectangle Kantega Rectangle Katacoda Rectangle KeyCDN Rectangle Khan Academy Rectangle kik Rectangle Kissmetrics Rectangle Klera Rectangle Kong Rectangle Kony Rectangle Kotlin Rectangle Kubernetes Rectangle LabelMakr Rectangle LabVIEW Rectangle Language Icon Rectangle LastPass Rectangle Los Angeles Times Rectangle Leaflet Rectangle less Rectangle Let's Encrypt Rectangle Library of Congress Rectangle LibreOffice Rectangle lifehacker Rectangle Lightbend Rectangle LINE Rectangle LinkedIn Rectangle Linode Rectangle Linux Rectangle Linux Foundation Rectangle Litmus Rectangle Lloyds Bank Rectangle Lodash Rectangle LogicMonitor Rectangle Lua Rectangle Lucene Rectangle Lucidchart Rectangle lunr.js Rectangle MailChimp Rectangle Mailgun Rectangle Mailjet Rectangle Mandrill Rectangle mapbox Rectangle MapQuest Rectangle Noah Marcuse Rectangle MariaDB Rectangle Mashable Rectangle medium Rectangle Meteor Rectangle Michigan State University Rectangle Microsoft Rectangle Microsoft .Net Rectangle Minecraft Rectangle minio Rectangle Mint Rectangle mLab Rectangle Mojang Rectangle MongoDB Rectangle Monzo Rectangle Moogsoft Rectangle Moven Rectangle Mozilla Rectangle MSNBC Rectangle MuleSoft Rectangle Mumo Systems Rectangle Mural Rectangle MyFonts Rectangle MySQL Rectangle N26 Rectangle NAB Rectangle NASA Rectangle National Archives (USA) Rectangle National Instruments Rectangle NBC Rectangle nearForm Rectangle NearlyFreeSpeech.Net Rectangle Neo4j Rectangle Nerves Project Rectangle Netflix Rectangle New Relic Rectangle The New Yorker Rectangle NGINX Rectangle nist Rectangle NixOS Linux Rectangle Node.js Rectangle NodePing Rectangle The Noun Project Rectangle npm Rectangle National Public Radio Rectangle Numerify Rectangle NVIDIA Rectangle The New York Times Rectangle Objective-C Rectangle OCaml Rectangle OK.RU Rectangle Okta Rectangle The Onion Rectangle Open Containers Initiative Rectangle Open Culture Rectangle OpenCV Rectangle OpenKnowledge Rectangle OpenLibrary Rectangle Apache OpenOffice Rectangle OpenShift Rectangle Open Source Initiative Rectangle openssl Rectangle OpenStack Rectangle OpenTable Rectangle Opera Rectangle Oracle Rectangle Packer Rectangle PagerDuty Rectangle Patreon Rectangle Payoneer Rectangle PayPal Rectangle PBS Rectangle PCI Rectangle Pepsi Rectangle Perl Rectangle Mozilla Persona Rectangle Phalcon Rectangle Philly.com Rectangle PHP Rectangle Pinboard Rectangle PingPilot Rectangle Pinterest Rectangle Pivotal Rectangle Pixabay Rectangle Plex Rectangle Politico Rectangle PostgreSQL Rectangle Postmark Rectangle Praecipio Rectangle Product Hunt Rectangle Pug Rectangle Python Rectangle QASymphany Rectangle QMetry Rectangle Qt Rectangle Quicken Rectangle Quora Rectangle RabbitMQ Rectangle Rabobank Rectangle Rackspace Rectangle Raspberry Pi Rectangle RBC Royal Bank Rectangle RBS Rectangle Reader’s Digest Rectangle React Rectangle ReadMe.IO Rectangle Reason Rectangle reCAPTCHA Rectangle Reddit Rectangle Red Hat Rectangle redirect2me Rectangle Redis Rectangle RefinedWiki Rectangle RegexPlanet Rectangle Resolution Rectangle Reuters Rectangle Revolut Rectangle Riada Rectangle RightStar IT Service Management and DevOps Solutions  | RightStar Rectangle R Project Rectangle Rogue Wave Rectangle Roku Rectangle Rolling Stone Rectangle Apache Royale Rectangle RSA Rectangle RSS Rectangle Ruby Rectangle Rust Language Rectangle Safari Rectangle salesforce Rectangle SaltStack Rectangle Samsung Rectangle Sand Castle Zone Rectangle Santander Bank Rectangle SAP Rectangle SAS Rectangle Sass Rectangle Scala Rectangle ScanCafe Rectangle Scotiabank Rectangle scratch Rectangle SendGrid Rectangle Sentry Rectangle sequelize Rectangle ServiceNow Rectangle Service Rocket Rectangle Shareaholic Rectangle Shippable Rectangle Shoelace Rectangle Shopify Rectangle Simple Rectangle SimpleShare.IO Rectangle siriusxm Rectangle SitePoint Rectangle Sketch Rectangle Skrill Rectangle Skymind Rectangle Skype Rectangle Slack Rectangle Slashdot Rectangle SlideShare Rectangle SmartDraw Rectangle  Rectangle Smashing Magazine Rectangle SMTP2GO Rectangle Snapchat Rectangle Snap.svg Rectangle Softagram Rectangle SoftBank Rectangle Software Freedom Law Center Rectangle SoftwarePlant Rectangle Solr Rectangle SoundCloud Rectangle Sourcegraph Rectangle Spartez Rectangle Spectrum Rectangle Sphere Rectangle Splunk Rectangle Spoke Rectangle Spotify Rectangle Spring Framework Rectangle SQLite Rectangle Stack Overflow Rectangle StackPath Rectangle Starbucks Rectangle Stardog Rectangle Starling Bank Rectangle StdLib Rectangle Steam Rectangle Stride Rectangle Stripe Rectangle StumbleUpon Rectangle Supergiant Rectangle Super Tiny Icons Rectangle SUSE Rectangle SVG Rectangle svgo Rectangle SVG Porn Rectangle SwarmOS Rectangle Swift Rectangle Sysdig Rectangle Target Rectangle Tasktop Rectangle Tcl Rectangle TD Bank Rectangle TechCrunch Rectangle Techtime Rectangle Telegram Rectangle Tempo Rectangle Tencent Rectangle Terraform Rectangle Tesla Rectangle testio Rectangle Testlio Rectangle The Atlantic Rectangle The Guardian Rectangle The Register Rectangle TheStreet Rectangle The Verge Rectangle TIBCO Rectangle Ticketmaster Rectangle TIME Rectangle Time Doctor Rectangle Apache Tomcat Rectangle Trac Rectangle TransferWise Rectangle Transition Technologies Rectangle Travis CI Rectangle Treasure Data Rectangle Trello Rectangle TripAdvisor Rectangle tumblr. Rectangle twilio Rectangle Twitch Rectangle Twitter Rectangle Tyk Rectangle TypeScript Rectangle UBS Rectangle Ubuntu Rectangle Udemy Rectangle Ultimate Software Rectangle Unicode Rectangle United Nations Rectangle Unito Rectangle Unity Rectangle UPI Rectangle Upwork Rectangle UrlRewriteFilter Rectangle USA TODAY Rectangle Useful Charts Rectangle Panda Rectangle Vagrant Rectangle Valiantys Rectangle Varnish Cache Rectangle Varnish Software Rectangle Vault Rectangle VectorLogo.Zone Rectangle Venture Beat Rectangle Viber Rectangle VICE Rectangle VictorOps Rectangle Vimeo Rectangle Vine Rectangle VirtualBox Rectangle Visual Basic Rectangle Visual Studio Code Rectangle VKontakte Rectangle VLC Rectangle Vogue Rectangle Vox Rectangle World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Rectangle W3C Markup Validator Rectangle WallSync Rectangle Walmart Rectangle Wappalyzer Rectangle The Washington Post Rectangle  Wavefront Rectangle Wayback Machine Rectangle WebAssembly Rectangle webcomponents.org Rectangle webpack Rectangle WeChat Rectangle The Weekly Standard Rectangle Wells Fargo Rectangle Westpac Rectangle WeWork Rectangle WhatsApp Rectangle Wikidata Rectangle Wikimedia Rectangle Wikimedia Commons Rectangle wikipedia Rectangle Wikisource Rectangle WildFly Rectangle Wired Rectangle Wireshark Rectangle WebMoney — Universal Payment System Rectangle Woises Rectangle WordPress Rectangle Workato Rectangle WorldClockTV Rectangle WorldLabel Rectangle The Wall Street Journal Rectangle Wufoo Rectangle Xbox Rectangle Xcode Rectangle Xero Rectangle XFINITY Rectangle xing Rectangle xmatters Rectangle XML Rectangle XRegexp Rectangle Yahoo! Rectangle YAML Rectangle Yammer Rectangle Yandex Rectangle Yarn Rectangle Yasoon Rectangle Y Combinator Rectangle Yelp Rectangle Yeoman Rectangle YNAB Rectangle YouTube Rectangle Zagat Rectangle Zapier Rectangle ZEIT Rectangle Zenefits Rectangle Zephyr Rectangle Zeplin Rectangle Zig Language Rectangle Zoho Rectangle Zoom Rectangle

Count: 723

Logo, no text, in a 64x64 canvas with no excess padding
1and1 Icon 3scale Icon 8x8 Icon ABC Icon Acer Icon ACLU Icon Acrobat Icon ActiveMQ Icon Adaptavist Icon AddThis Icon AddToAny Icon Adidas Icon Adobe Icon Google AdSense Icon Adyen Icon Affirm Icon AggData Icon AgileCraft Icon Airbnb Icon Airtable Icon Alertify.js Icon Algolia Icon Alibaba Group Icon Almworks Icon AlternativeTo Icon Amazon.com Icon Amazon Web Services Icon AMD Icon AMP Icon android Icon AngelList Icon Angie's List Icon Angular.JS Icon ANSI Icon Apache Ant Icon ANZ Icon Associated Press Icon Apache Software Foundation Icon Appdome Icon Google AppEngine Icon AppHarbor Icon Apple Icon AppScale Icon Apple AppStore Icon Arduino Icon Ars Technica Icon ASUS Icon async.js Icon Atom bank Icon Atom Editor Icon Atomist Icon AT&T Icon Auth0 Icon Authy Icon Avery Icon Axios Icon Microsoft Azure Icon Babel.js Icon Backbone.js Icon Baidu Icon Balsamiq Icon Bank of America Icon Barclays Icon bash shell Icon Basho Icon Apache Batik Icon Bazel Icon BBC Icon BB&T Bank Icon BBVA Icon Beanstalk Icon Behance Icon BigCommerce Icon BigPanda Icon bing Icon BIPM Icon Bitbucket Icon Bitnami Icon Black Duck Icon Blended Perspectives Icon Blogger Icon Bloomberg.com Icon Bluetooth Icon BMC Software Icon Bank BNP Paribas Icon Bonsai Icon booking.com Icon Bootstrap Icon Bootswatch Icon The Boston Globe Icon Bower Icon box Icon Braintree Icon Branch Icon Brikit Icon Broccoli.js Icon Buffer Icon Bugsnag Icon BuyMeACoffee Icon CA Icon Capital One Icon ELO Icon CB Insights Icon CBS Icon CentOS Icon CenturyLink Icon Chrome Icon CIBC Icon CircleCI Icon Circonus Icon Citrix Icon CKAN Icon Clarizen Icon Clearvision Icon clipboard.js Icon Clojure Icon Cloud9 Icon CloudBees Icon Cloudera Icon Cloudflare Icon Cloud Foundry Icon CNBC Icon CNN Icon CocaCola Icon Cockroach Labs Icon Code Barrel Icon Codecademy Icon codecentric Icon Code Climate Icon codefresh Icon CodeMirror Icon CodePen Icon CoffeeScript Icon Comalatech Icon comcast Icon CommonMark Icon ContainerShip Icon Contegix Icon Convo Icon Copyleft Icon Apache Cordova Icon CoreOS Icon Cosmopolitan Icon Costco Icon Couchbase Icon Apache CouchDB Icon Coursera Icon Coyote Creek Icon Cprime Icon craigslist Icon Creative Commons Icon Crédit Agricole Icon The Christian Science Monitor Icon Cucumber Icon curl Icon D3.js Icon dailymotion Icon Darksky Icon Dart Icon Dashlane Icon DataArm Icon DataDog Icon DataHub Icon Datical Icon Debian Icon Decadis Icon Deiser Icon Dell Icon Delphix Icon Digg Icon Digital Ocean Icon Digital Rosetta Icon Discord Icon Discourse Icon Disqus Icon Django Icon Docker Icon docusaurus Icon Dribbble Icon Drip Icon Dropbox Icon DuckDuckGo Icon Dynatrace Icon eazyBI Icon EBANX Icon eBay Icon Eclipse Icon ecosia Icon Edge Icon edX Icon EFF Icon Egghead Icon Elasity Icon Elastic Search Icon Electron Icon Elm Icon emberjs Icon Engine Yard Icon Entrepreneur Icon Envoy Icon Envoy Proxy Icon Erlang Icon ESLint Icon Evernote Icon EveryDollar Icon Exoscale Icon Expium Icon express.js Icon eyeson Icon Facebook Icon Facebook_Messenger Icon Fastly Icon Federal Reserve Bank Icon Feedly Icon Figma Icon FileFormat.Info Icon Firebase Icon Firefox Icon FIRST Icon Fitbit Icon Flask Icon Flattr Icon Flickr Icon Flipboard Icon Fly.io Icon Fn project Icon Font Awesome Icon Forbes Icon FormKeep Icon Forrester Icon Fortune Icon foursquare Icon FOX Icon freelancer Icon freepik Icon Freshdesk Icon Front Icon FSF Icon Financial Times Icon Gandi.net Icon Gartner Icon General Electric Icon GeoNames Icon George Mason University Icon Grav Icon Monero Icon Pepperoni Icon Postman Icon Ghost Icon Ghostscript Icon Giant Swarm Icon Gimp Icon GIPHY Icon git Icon Github Icon GitKraken Icon gitlab Icon Glamour Icon Gliffy Icon Glitch Icon Gmail Icon GNOME Icon GNU Icon Go Language Icon Go2Group Icon GoDaddy Icon GoEdit Icon Goldman Sachs Icon Google Icon Google Analytics Icon Google Cloud Icon Google Drive Icon Google Maps Icon Google Play Icon Google+ Icon GQ Icon Gradle Icon Grails Icon Graphcool Icon GraphQL Icon Gravatar Icon Greenpeace Icon Groupon Icon Grubhub Icon Grunt Icon HackerOne Icon Handlebars Icon HashiCorp Icon Haskell Icon Hasura Icon Haxe Icon Harvard Business Review Icon Heatmap.TV Icon Helm Icon Heroku Icon Hexo Icon Hindsight Icon Hiptest Icon HockeyApp Icon Hortonworks Icon HostGator Icon Hewlett Packard Icon HSBC Icon HTML5 Icon HTML5Up Icon HubSpot Icon The Huffington Post Icon hyper.sh Icon HyperVelocity Consulting Icon IBM Icon IBM Cloud Icon IDC Icon IEEE Icon IETF Icon IFTTT Icon Adobe Illustrator Icon ImageMagick Icon Inc. Icon Inferno Icon ING Icon Ingress Icon Inkscape Icon Instagram Icon Intel Icon Intercom Icon Internet Archive Icon InVision Icon Iron.IO Icon Isos Technology Icon Istio Icon iText Icon Java Icon GlassFish Icon JavaScript Icon Jekyll Icon The Jenkins Project Icon JetBrains Icon Jetty Icon Mastodon Project Icon Joomla Icon jQuery Icon jsDelivr Icon JSFiddle Icon JSON Icon Justinmind Icon k15t Icon Apache Kafka Icon Kaggle Icon KakaoTalk Icon Kantega Icon Katacoda Icon Keybase Icon KeyCDN Icon Khan Academy Icon kik Icon Kissmetrics Icon Klera Icon Kong Icon Kony Icon Kotlin Icon Kubernetes Icon LabelMakr Icon LabVIEW Icon Language Icon Icon LastPass Icon Los Angeles Times Icon Leaflet Icon less Icon Let's Encrypt Icon Library of Congress Icon LibreOffice Icon lifehacker Icon Lightbend Icon LINE Icon LinkedIn Icon Linode Icon Linux Icon Linux Foundation Icon Litmus Icon Lloyds Bank Icon Lodash Icon LogicMonitor Icon Lua Icon Lucene Icon Lucidchart Icon lunr.js Icon MailChimp Icon Mailgun Icon Mailjet Icon Mandrill Icon mapbox Icon MapQuest Icon Noah Marcuse Icon MariaDB Icon Mashable Icon medium Icon Meteor Icon Michigan State University Icon Microsoft Icon Microsoft .Net Icon Minecraft Icon minio Icon Mint Icon mLab Icon Mojang Icon MongoDB Icon Monzo Icon Moogsoft Icon Moven Icon Mozilla Icon MSNBC Icon MuleSoft Icon Mumo Systems Icon Mural Icon MyFonts Icon MySQL Icon N26 Icon NAB Icon NASA Icon National Archives (USA) Icon National Instruments Icon NBC Icon nearForm Icon NearlyFreeSpeech.Net Icon Neo4j Icon Nerves Project Icon Netflix Icon New Relic Icon The New Yorker Icon NGINX Icon nist Icon NixOS Linux Icon Node.js Icon NodePing Icon The Noun Project Icon npm Icon National Public Radio Icon Numerify Icon NVIDIA Icon The New York Times Icon Objective-C Icon OCaml Icon OK.RU Icon Okta Icon The Onion Icon Open Containers Initiative Icon Open Culture Icon OpenCV Icon OpenKnowledge Icon OpenLibrary Icon Apache OpenOffice Icon OpenShift Icon Open Source Initiative Icon openssl Icon OpenStack Icon OpenTable Icon Opera Icon Oracle Icon Packer Icon PagerDuty Icon Patreon Icon Payoneer Icon PayPal Icon PBS Icon PCI Icon Pepsi Icon Perl Icon Mozilla Persona Icon Phalcon Icon Philly.com Icon PHP Icon Pinboard Icon PingPilot Icon Pinterest Icon Pivotal Icon Pixabay Icon Plex Icon Politico Icon PostgreSQL Icon Postmark Icon Praecipio Icon Product Hunt Icon Pug Icon Python Icon QASymphany Icon QMetry Icon Qt Icon Quicken Icon Quora Icon RabbitMQ Icon Rabobank Icon Rackspace Icon Raspberry Pi Icon RBC Royal Bank Icon RBS Icon Reader’s Digest Icon React Icon ReadMe.IO Icon Reason Icon reCAPTCHA Icon Reddit Icon Red Hat Icon redirect2me Icon Redis Icon RefinedWiki Icon RegexPlanet Icon Relay Icon Resolution Icon Reuters Icon Revolut Icon Riada Icon RightStar IT Service Management and DevOps Solutions  | RightStar Icon R Project Icon Rogue Wave Icon Roku Icon Rolling Stone Icon Apache Royale Icon RSA Icon RSS Icon Ruby Icon Rust Language Icon Safari Icon salesforce Icon SaltStack Icon Samsung Icon Sand Castle Zone Icon Santander Bank Icon SAP Icon SAS Icon Sass Icon Scala Icon ScanCafe Icon Scotiabank Icon scratch Icon SendGrid Icon Sentry Icon sequelize Icon ServiceNow Icon Service Rocket Icon Shareaholic Icon Shippable Icon Shoelace Icon Shopify Icon Simple Icon SimpleShare.IO Icon siriusxm Icon SitePoint Icon Sketch Icon Skrill Icon Skymind Icon Skype Icon Slack Icon Slashdot Icon SlideShare Icon SmartDraw Icon  Icon Smashing Magazine Icon SMTP2GO Icon Snapchat Icon Snap.svg Icon Softagram Icon SoftBank Icon Software Freedom Law Center Icon SoftwarePlant Icon Solr Icon SoundCloud Icon Sourcegraph Icon Spartez Icon Spectrum Icon Sphere Icon Splunk Icon Spoke Icon Spotify Icon Spring Framework Icon SQLite Icon Stack Overflow Icon StackPath Icon Starbucks Icon Stardog Icon Starling Bank Icon StdLib Icon Steam Icon Stride Icon Stripe Icon StumbleUpon Icon Supergiant Icon Super Tiny Icons Icon SUSE Icon SVG Icon svgo Icon SVG Porn Icon SwarmOS Icon Swift Icon Sysdig Icon Target Icon Tasktop Icon Tcl Icon TD Bank Icon TechCrunch Icon Techtime Icon Telegram Icon Tempo Icon Tencent Icon Terraform Icon Tesla Icon testio Icon Testlio Icon The Atlantic Icon The Guardian Icon The Register Icon TheStreet Icon The Verge Icon TIBCO Icon Ticketmaster Icon TIME Icon Time Doctor Icon Apache Tomcat Icon Trac Icon TransferWise Icon Transition Technologies Icon Travis CI Icon Treasure Data Icon Trello Icon TripAdvisor Icon tumblr. Icon twilio Icon Twitch Icon Twitter Icon Tyk Icon TypeScript Icon UBS Icon Ubuntu Icon Udemy Icon Ultimate Software Icon Unicode Icon United Nations Icon Unito Icon Unity Icon UPI Icon Upwork Icon UrlRewriteFilter Icon USA TODAY Icon Useful Charts Icon Panda Icon Vagrant Icon Valiantys Icon Varnish Cache Icon Varnish Software Icon Vault Icon VectorLogo.Zone Icon Venture Beat Icon Viber Icon VICE Icon VictorOps Icon Vimeo Icon Vine Icon VirtualBox Icon Visual Basic Icon Visual Studio Code Icon VKontakte Icon VLC Icon Vogue Icon Vox Icon World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Icon W3C Markup Validator Icon WallSync Icon Walmart Icon Wappalyzer Icon The Washington Post Icon  Wavefront Icon Wayback Machine Icon WebAssembly Icon webcomponents.org Icon webpack Icon WeChat Icon The Weekly Standard Icon Wells Fargo Icon Westpac Icon WeWork Icon WhatsApp Icon Wikidata Icon Wikimedia Icon Wikimedia Commons Icon wikipedia Icon Wikisource Icon WildFly Icon Wired Icon Wireshark Icon WebMoney — Universal Payment System Icon Woises Icon WordPress Icon Workato Icon WorldClockTV Icon WorldLabel Icon The Wall Street Journal Icon Wufoo Icon Xbox Icon Xcode Icon Xero Icon XFINITY Icon xing Icon xmatters Icon XML Icon XRegexp Icon Yahoo! Icon YAML Icon Yammer Icon Yandex Icon Yarn Icon Yasoon Icon Y Combinator Icon Yelp Icon Yeoman Icon YNAB Icon YouTube Icon Zagat Icon Zapier Icon ZEIT Icon Zenefits Icon Zephyr Icon Zeplin Icon Zig Language Icon Zoho Icon Zoom Icon

Count: 724

Vertical badge with logo above text, some padding.
Erlang Vertical Badge Go Language Vertical Badge Haskell Vertical Badge Java Vertical Badge JavaScript Vertical Badge jQuery Vertical Badge Apache Kafka Vertical Badge Microsoft .Net Vertical Badge Perl Vertical Badge PHP Vertical Badge PostgreSQL Vertical Badge Python Vertical Badge Ruby Vertical Badge SVG Vertical Badge Swift Vertical Badge Tcl Vertical Badge Wikimedia Commons Vertical Badge XRegexp Vertical Badge

Count: 18

Large tile with background to look good as a button or with other background colors.
Acrobat Tile Airbnb Tile Amazon.com Tile android Tile Apple Tile Authy Tile Baidu Tile Blogger Tile Buffer Tile clipboard.js Tile CodePen Tile Digital Ocean Tile Digital Rosetta Tile Discord Tile Disqus Tile Docker Tile Dropbox Tile Evernote Tile Facebook Tile FileFormat.Info Tile Ghost Tile Github Tile gitlab Tile Gmail Tile Google Tile Google Maps Tile Google Play Tile Google+ Tile Instagram Tile Internet Archive Tile Mastodon Project Tile Keybase Tile kik Tile LastPass Tile LINE Tile LinkedIn Tile medium Tile Moven Tile MyFonts Tile npm Tile OK.RU Tile Patreon Tile Pinboard Tile Pinterest Tile Plex Tile Pocket Tile QQ Tile Reddit Tile RSS Tile SimpleShare.IO Tile Skype Tile Slack Tile SlideShare Tile Snapchat Tile SoundCloud Tile Spotify Tile Stack Overflow Tile Steam Tile StumbleUpon Tile Super Tiny Icons Tile SVG Tile Telegram Tile Trello Tile tumblr. Tile twilio Tile Twitch Tile Twitter Tile Ubuntu Tile Upwork Tile VectorLogo.Zone Tile Viber Tile Vimeo Tile VKontakte Tile World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Tile WeChat Tile WhatsApp Tile wikipedia Tile Wire Tile WordPress Tile Workato Tile xing Tile Yahoo! Tile Yammer Tile Y Combinator Tile YouTube Tile

Count: 85

Similar to the 2:1 rectangle, but no limit on width to accomodate longer names.
Digital Ocean Horizontal Badge Erlang Horizontal Badge FileFormat.Info Horizontal Badge Go Language Horizontal Badge Google Analytics Horizontal Badge Haskell Horizontal Badge Java Horizontal Badge JavaScript Horizontal Badge jQuery Horizontal Badge Microsoft .Net Horizontal Badge MySQL Horizontal Badge NearlyFreeSpeech.Net Horizontal Badge Node.js Horizontal Badge Perl Horizontal Badge Mozilla Persona Horizontal Badge PHP Horizontal Badge PostgreSQL Horizontal Badge Python Horizontal Badge Ruby Horizontal Badge Swift Horizontal Badge Tcl Horizontal Badge Twitch Horizontal Badge XRegexp Horizontal Badge

Count: 23

Official logo, as provided by the owner, but cropped and resized to max of 256.
ActiveMQ Official Logo AddToAny Official Logo AMP Official Logo android Official Logo Apache Ant Official Logo Apache Software Foundation Official Logo Arduino Official Logo bash shell Official Logo Bitbucket Official Logo BuyMeACoffee Official Logo clipboard.js Official Logo Cloudflare Official Logo CodePen Official Logo CommonMark Official Logo Copyleft Official Logo Dart Official Logo Digital Ocean Official Logo Discord Official Logo Disqus Official Logo Docker Official Logo docusaurus Official Logo Dropbox Official Logo Erlang Official Logo Flask Official Logo Gandi.net Official Logo Go Language Official Logo Google Analytics Official Logo The Jenkins Project Official Logo jQuery Official Logo Keybase Official Logo Khan Academy Official Logo kik Official Logo Language Icon Official Logo LibreOffice Official Logo LINE Official Logo Lua Official Logo Noah Marcuse Official Logo MySQL Official Logo Netflix Official Logo nist Official Logo The Noun Project Official Logo Apache OpenOffice Official Logo openssl Official Logo OpenTable Official Logo Product Hunt Official Logo Python Official Logo reCAPTCHA Official Logo Redis Official Logo R Project Official Logo Apache Royale Official Logo scratch Official Logo Signal Official Logo Stack Overflow Official Logo SVG Official Logo SVG Porn Official Logo Swift Official Logo Travis CI Official Logo Trello Official Logo Twitch Official Logo TypeScript Official Logo Udemy Official Logo Vagrant Official Logo wikipedia Official Logo Yeoman Official Logo Zagat Official Logo Zapier Official Logo

Count: 66

Just the name in the appropriate font in black, 40 high.
ABC Wordmark CBS Wordmark CNN Wordmark Cosmopolitan Wordmark Entrepreneur Wordmark Forbes Wordmark Fortune Wordmark FOX Wordmark Gimp Wordmark Glamour Wordmark GQ Wordmark Haskell Wordmark The Huffington Post Wordmark Inc. Wordmark Instagram Wordmark Java Wordmark jQuery Wordmark Apache Kafka Wordmark lifehacker Wordmark NBC Wordmark The Noun Project Wordmark The New York Times Wordmark PostgreSQL Wordmark Reader’s Digest Wordmark siriusxm Wordmark TechCrunch Wordmark TIME Wordmark VectorLogo.Zone Wordmark Venture Beat Wordmark VICE Wordmark The Washington Post Wordmark The Wall Street Journal Wordmark XRegexp Wordmark

Count: 33