Tag Report

ID Name Tags
100tb 100TB
1800flowers 1-800-Flowers.com
1and1 1and1 domains, hosting
1password 1Password
23gnl 23G
2ndquadrant 2ndQuadrant
3m 3M
3scalenet 3scale
451research 451 Research
500px 500px
6kites 6kites
6wind 6WIND
8tracks 8tracks
8x8 8x8
abcgo ABC
absinthe-graphql Absinthe
accenture Accenture
c9io_ace Ace
acer Acer
aclu ACLU charity, free_speech
acolorstory A Color Story
acorns Acorns
acquia Acquia
adobe_acrobat Acrobat pdf
act ACT
apache_activemq ActiveMQ
w3_activitypub ActivityPub
acumos Acumos
adaic Ada
adaptavist Adaptavist
addthis AddThis saas, sharing
addtoany AddToAny
adidas Adidas
google_admob Google AdMob
adobe Adobe fonts, graphics, software
adonisjs Adonis.js
adp ADP
google_adsense Google AdSense advertising, google
advocately Advocately
adyen Adyen
serif_affinity Affinity
affirm Affirm
afrinicnet AFRINIC
afterjs After.js
afternic Afternic
agenda Agenda
aggdata AggData data
agilecraft AgileCraft
agilestacks Agile Stacks
airbnb Airbnb
airbrakeio Airbrake
apache_airflow Apache Airflow
airshiptf Airship
airtable Airtable
akamai Akamai
alcideio Alcide
alertifyjs Alertify.js javascript, programming_library
alfresco Alfresco
algolia Algolia
algorithmia Algorithmia
alibabacloud Alibaba Cloud
alibabagroup Alibaba Group
aliceplatform ALICE
aliexpress AliExpress
alligatorio Alligator.io
almworks Almworks
alpinelinux Alpine Linux
alternativeto AlternativeTo
amazon Amazon.com ecommerce
amazon_kinesis Amazon Kinesis
amazon_aws Amazon Web Services cloud, hosting, paas
amazon_ecs Amazon ECS
amazon_eks Amazon EKS
amazon_elasticcontainer Amazon Elastic Container
ambassadorio Ambassador
amd AMD
aminopay Amino Payments
ampproject AMP
anchoreio Anchore
android android mobile, operating_system, phone
android_studio Android Studio
angel AngelList
angieslist Angie's List
angular Angular.JS javascript, programming_library
ansi ANSI standards_body
ansible Ansible
apache_ant Apache Ant build_tools
antfin Ant Financial
anthemis anthemis
antlr ANTLR
anzcomau ANZ
ao ao.com
aol AOL
ap Associated Press
apache Apache Software Foundation charity, open_source, webserver
apache_nifi Apache NiFi
apache_spark Apache Spark
apache_storm Apache Storm
apartmenttherapy Apartment Therapy
apache_apex Apex
apexrun Apex
apievangelist API Evangelist
apigee Apigee
apigility Apigility
apnicnet APNIC
apolloio Apollo
apollographql Apollo
aporeto Aporeto
appaloosa-store Appaloosa
appdome Appdome
appdynamics AppDynamics
google_appengine Google AppEngine google, hosting, paas
appfire Appfire
appharbor AppHarbor dotnet, hosting
applause Applause
apple Apple apple, hardware
cloudfoundry_application-runtime ApplicationRuntime
applied-duality Applied Duality
appneta AppNeta
appoptics AppOptics
apprenda Apprenda
appscale AppScale
appscode AppsCode
apple_appstore Apple AppStore apple, ecommerce
appveyor AppVeyor
apress Apress
aquasec Aqua
arangodb ArangoDB
arcentry Arcentry
arccodes .architect
archivesunleashed Archives Unleashed
archlinux Arch Linux
arcwebco Arcweb
arduino Arduino hardware, internet_of_things
ardupilot ArduPilot
argoprojio Argo
ariasystems Aria Systems
arinnet ARIN
arqbackup Arq
arrikto arrikto
arrl ARRL
arstechnica Ars Technica
artsynet Artsy
arukasio Arukas
asana Asana
asciidoctor Asciidoctor
aspiration Aspiration
aspose Aspose
asqatasun Asqatasun
assembleio Assemble
asus ASUS
sourceforge_asymptote Asymptote
asyncjs async.js labels, office_supplies
theatlantic The Atlantic
atombank Atom bank
atom_io Atom Editor text_editor
atomist Atomist
att AT&T
audaorgau auDA
audioeye AudioEye
augurnet Augur
auth0 Auth0
authy Authy authentication, programming_library, saas
automattic Automattic
avali AVA
avaloniauinet Avalonia UI
avery Avery office_products
avinetworks Avi Networks
apache_avro Avro
awesome-emoji Awesome Emoji
awesomelogos Awesome Logos
awk AWK programming_language
deque_axe axe
axios Axios
axway Axway
azlo Azlo
microsoft_azure Microsoft Azure cloud, hosting, paas
azurecontainerregistry Azure Container Registry
azurefunctions Azure Functions
babeljs Babel.js
backblaze Backblaze
backbonejs Backbone.js javascript, programming_library
backplaneio Backplane
backyourstack BackYourStack
badgennet Badgen
badoo Badoo
baidu Baidu
balenaio balena
ballerinaio Ballerina.io
balsamiq Balsamiq
atlassian_bamboo Bamboo
bankofamerica Bank of America
banzaicloud Banzai Cloud
barclays Barclays
basekit BaseKit
gnu_bash bash shell
basho Basho
apache_batik Apache Batik java, programming_library, svg
bazel Bazel
bazzite Bazzite
bbb Better Business Bureau
bbc BBC
bbt BB&T Bank
bbva BBVA
bcorporationnet B Corporation
bcragobar Banco Central de la República Argentina
beakerbrowser Beaker Browser
apache_beam Beam
beanstalkapp Beanstalk
beardbrand Beardbrand
begin Begin
behance Behance
beminfo BEM
bentley Bentley
beomni Omni
bigchaindb BigchainDB
bigcommerce BigCommerce
bigpandaio BigPanda
google_bigquery BigQuery
bigswitch Big Switch
binaris Binaris
isc_bind BIND
bing bing microsoft, search_engine
biologicaldiversity Center for Biological Diversity
bipm BIPM standards_body
bitbucket Bitbucket version_control
bitcoin Bitcoin
bitnami Bitnami
bitpesaco BitPesa
bitriseio Bitrise
bitwarden Bitwarden
bjango Bjango
blackducksoftware Black Duck
blackenterprise Black Enterprise
blacksquareio BlackSquare
blendedperspectives Blended Perspectives
bliskio Blisk
blockstack Blockstack
blogger Blogger
bloomberg Bloomberg.com
bluebirdjs bluebird
bluefyreio Bluefyre
blueprintjs BlueprintJS
blueprintsys Blueprint
bluetooth Bluetooth
bmc BMC Software
bnpparibas Bank BNP Paribas
bocloudcomcn BoCloud
bocoup Bocoup
boeing Boeing
microsoft_bond Bond
bons_ai Bonsai
booking booking.com
getbootstrap Bootstrap site_template, webdesign
bootswatch Bootswatch webdesign
bose Bose
boshio Bosh
bostonglobe The Boston Globe
botkitai Botkit
botpressio botpress
botronsoft Botronsoft
bower Bower
box box
boxboat BoxBoat
braintreepayments Braintree
branchio Branch
brave Brave Browser
brex Brex
briarproject Briar
brigadesh Brigade
brikit Brikit
brinkersimpson Brinker Simpson
broccolijs Broccoli.js
bromite Bromite
browserling Browserling
browserstack Browserstack
buddybuild buddybuild
buffer Buffer
bugsnag Bugsnag
bugzilla Bugzilla
buildkite Buildkite
buildpacksio Buildpacks
bulldogcreative Bulldog Creative
bulmaio Bulma
bundlerio Bundler
bunq bunq
bunsenlabs BunsenLabs
bustle Bustle
buymeacoffee BuyMeACoffee
buzzfeed BuzzFeed
ca CA
cablelabs CableLabs
caddyserver Caddy
caicloudio caicloud
apache_calcite Apache Calcite
camunda Camunda
canadalearningcodeca Canada Learning Code
canonical Canonical
canva Canva
capitalone Capital One
captainduckduck CaptainDuckDuck
apache_carbondata CarbonData
carbonite Carbonite
cardconnect CardConnect
cartaoelocombr ELO
caryll Caryll
cashalo Cashalo
caskco Cask
caspio Caspio
apache_cassandra Apache Cassandra
castboxfm Castbox
catalystcloud Catalyst Cloud
catchpoint Catchpoint
catchsoftware Catch
cbinsights CB Insights
cbs CBS
cdt Center for Democracy & Technology
celeryproject Celery
censusgov US Census Bureau
centos CentOS
centreio CENTRE
centreon Centreon
centurylink CenturyLink
ceph Ceph
certificate-transparency Certificate Transparency
cesarorgbr CESAR
cfengine CFEngine
cfsinnovation Center For Financial Services Innovation
chaijs Chai
chaostoolkit Chaostoolkit
getchaperone Chaperone
chartmuseum ChartMuseum
checkfront Checkfront
cheddar cheddar
js_cheerio cheerio
chefio Chef
chimebank Chime Banking
chocolatey Chocolatey
google_chrome Chrome browser, google
cibc CIBC
ciliumio Cilium
circle Circle
circleci CircleCI
circonus Circonus
ciright ciright
github_cirq Cirq
cisco Cisco
citrix Citrix
citusdata Citus Data
cjr Columbia Journalism Review
ckan CKAN
claranetcouk Claranet
clarizen Clarizen
classy Classy
claudiajs Claudia.js
clayrun Clay
clearvision-cm Clearvision
clementine-player Clementine
palletsprojects_click Click
yandex_clickhouse ClickHouse
clipboardjs clipboard.js
clockifyme Clockify
clojure Clojure
cloud66 Cloud 66
c9 Cloud9
cloudbees CloudBees
cloudboostio CloudBoost
cloudcannon CloudCannon
cloudera Cloudera
cloudeventsio CloudEvents
cloudflare Cloudflare cdn, service
amazon_cloudformation CloudFormation
cloudfoundry Cloud Foundry
cloudhealthtech CloudHealth
cloudifyco Cloudify
cloudnexa Cloudnexa
cloudops CloudOps
cloudreach Cloudreach
cloudsmithio Cloudsmith
amazon_cloudwatch Amazon CloudWatch
cloudzero CloudZero
cloudzoneio CloudZone
cmake CMake
cnbc CNBC
cncfio Cloud Native Computing Foundation
cnet CNET
cncf_cni CNI
cnn CNN
cnniccom.cn CNNIC
cocacola CocaCola
cockroachlabs Cockroach Labs
cocoapods CocoaPods.org
codacy Codacy
thecodebarbarian The Code Barbarian
codebarrelio Code Barrel
codecademy Codecademy
codecentricde codecentric
codeception Codeception
codeclimate Code Climate
codecovio Codecov
codefreshio codefresh
codefundio CodeFund
codemirror CodeMirror
codepen CodePen
coderwall Coderwall
codeshelterco Code Shelter
codeship Codeship
codesignio Codesign
codetriage CodeTriage
coffeescript CoffeeScript
cognitect Cognitect
cognitohq Cognito
cohesivenet Cohesive Networks
coinbase Coinbase
collabora Collabora
comalatech Comalatech
comcast comcast
commarts Communication Arts
commitsio Commits.io
common-lispnet Common Lisp
commonmark CommonMark
communityinviter Community Inviter
componentkit ComponentKit
componentsoftio Component Soft
compose Compose
conanio Conan
concourse-ci Concourse
conduitio Conduit
confluentio Confluent
conjur Conjur
conscrypt conscrypt
consulio Consul
container-solutions Container Solutions
containerdio containerd
containerops Container Ops
joyent_containerpilot ContainerPilot
cloudfoundry_container-runtime ContainerRuntime
containershipio ContainerShip
containerstorageinterface Container Storage Interface
containous Containous
contegix Contegix
continoio Contino
contiv Contiv
convorelay Convo
cooperpress Cooperpress
copyleft Copyleft
coralogix Coralogix
apache_cordova Apache Cordova mobile, programming_library
coredial CoreDial
corednsio cordns
coreinfrastructure Core Infrastructure Initiative
coreos CoreOS
cornerstoneondemand Cornerstone
cncfio_cortex Cortex
coscale CoScale
cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan
costco Costco new
cosyrobo COSY
couchbase Couchbase
apache_couchdb Apache CouchDB
coursera Coursera
coverallsio Coveralls
coyotecrk Coyote Creek
cprime Cprime
craigslist craigslist
crashplan Crashplan
crateio Crate
creationline creationline
creativecommons Creative Commons
creativemarket Creative Market
credit-agricole Crédit Agricole
cri-oio cri-o
crossbario Crossbar.io
crunchbase crunchbase
csmonitor The Christian Science Monitor
statsbotco_cubejs cube.js
statsbot_cubejs Cube.js
cucumberio Cucumber
cultureamp Culture Amp
culturefoundry Culture Foundry
cumulusnetworks Cumulus Networks
curl_haxx curl
cyberark CyberArk
cypressio Cypress
d3js D3.js javascript, programming_library
dailymotion dailymotion
damninteresting Damn Interesting
darkreader Dark Reader
darksky Darksky
dartlang Dart programming_language
dash Dash Crypto Currency
dashlane Dashlane
dataarm DataArm
databricks Databricks
datacomconz Datacom
datadoghq DataDog
datahub DataHub data
datasift DataSift
dataspacepl Data Space
datastax DataStax
datawireio Datawire
datical Datical
datomic Datomic
datproject Dat Project
david-dm David
dbdiagramio dbdiagram.io
dcosio DC/OS
debian Debian linux, operating_system
decadisde Decadis
deepcrawl DeepCrawl
definitelytyped DefinitelyTyped
deiser Deiser
dell Dell hardware
embarcadero_delphi Delphi programming_language
delphix Delphix
denicde DENIC
deploybot DeployBot
deployhq DeployHQ
deque deque
derbyjs Derby
developerhubio DeveloperHub
devpost Devpost
dgraphio Dgraph
diffusesh Diffuse
digg Digg bookmarking
digidentityeu Digidentity
digitco Digit
digitalocean Digital Ocean cloud, hosting
digitalasset Digital Asset
digitalrosetta Digital Rosetta andrew_marcuse, digital_preservation, noah_marcuse
digitaltrends Digital Trends
dimerapp Dimer
discordapp Discord
discourse Discourse
disney Disney
disqus Disqus
sourceforge_ditaa ditaa
diversityavatars Diversity Avatars
djangoproject Django
dlang D Language
dnanexus DNAnexus
dnsimple DNSimple
dnsnetworksca DNSnetworks
dnsspyio DNS Spy
docker Docker software
docnowio DocNow
docusaurus docusaurus
docusign DocuSign
doczsite Docz
dogpile Dogpile
dojotoolkit Dojo Toolkit
dokku Dokku
domaintools DomainTools
dotdash Dotdash
dotmesh dotmesh
dpla Digital Public Library of America
google_draco Draco 3D
draftjs Draft.js
dragonflybsd DragonFly BSD
drawio Draw.io
draynow DrayNow
dreamhost DreamHost
dribbble Dribbble
drift Drift
drip Drip
droneio Drone
dropbox Dropbox file_sharing
dropwizardio Dropwizard
druidio Druid
drupal Drupal
duckduckgo DuckDuckGo search_engine
dwolla Dwolla
dwyl dwyl
dynatrace Dynatrace
easybookio easybook.io
easyredir EasyRedir
eazybi eazyBI
ebanx EBANX
ebay eBay ecommerce
ecereca Ecere
eclipse Eclipse
eclipse_che Eclipse Che
ecosia ecosia
elixir-ecto elixir-ecto
microsoft_edge Edge browser, microsoft
edgesecurity Edge Security
editorconfig EditorConfig
edx edX
eero eero
eff EFF
egeriarocks Egeria
eggheadio Egghead
eggjs egg.js
eiffel Eiffel
stripe_einhorn Einhorn
elasityio Elasity
elastic Elastic Search
electronjs Electron
elementaryio elementary OS
elm-lang Elm
elpais EL PAÍS
embarcadero Embarcadero
embedly Embedly
emberjs emberjs
emojidex emojidex
empowerme Empower
encirca EnCirca
engadget Engadget
engineyard Engine Yard
ensdomains Ethereum Name Service
entech Entech
entercom Entercom
entrepreneur Entrepreneur
envoy Envoy
envoyproxyio Envoy Proxy
eoriginal eOriginal
equinix Equinix
ericsson Ericsson
erlang Erlang programming_language
eslint ESLint
esolia eSolia
ethereum Ethereum Project
evenfinancial Even Financial
segment_evergreeen Evergreen
evernote Evernote
everydollar EveryDollar
evoice eVoice
evolveipnet Evolve IP
exasol Exasol
exoscale Exoscale
expium Expium
expoio Expo
express-gatewayio Express Gateway
expressjs express.js javascript, programming_library
eyesonteam eyeson
f6s F6S
facebook Facebook social_network
messenger Facebook Messenger facebook, messaging
facilio facil.io
contribsys_faktory Faktory
falco Falco
fascinatingmaps Fascinating Maps
fastcompany Fast Company
fasterxml FasterXML
fastifyio Fastify
fastly Fastly
fauna Fauna
fblitho Litho
federalreserve Federal Reserve Bank
fedex FedEx
getfedora Fedora Linux
feedly Feedly
feedzai Feedzai
fender Fender
figma Figma
fileformatinfo FileFormat.Info andrew_marcuse, digital_preservation, reference
filemaker FileMaker
firebase Firebase google, paas
firebirdsql FirebirdSQL
firefox Firefox browser, open_source
firstinspires FIRST
firstdata First Data
fispan FI.SPAN
fitbit Fitbit
fiverr Fiverr
fivethirtyeight FiveThirtyEight
fixerio Fixer
facebook_fizz Fizz
flarehr Flare HR
flarum Flarum
pocoo_flask Flask python
flathub Flathub
flatpak Flatpak
flattr Flattr
fleetsmith Fleetsmith
apache_flex Apache Flex
flickr Flickr
apache_flink Flink
flipboard Flipboard
fbflipper Flipper
flow Flow
fluentd Fluentd
flutterio Flutter
flyio Fly.io
fnproject Fn project
font-awesome Font Awesome font
fontfamous Font Famous
fontisto Fontisto
fontlibrary Font Library
fontself Fontself
forbes Forbes
ford Ford
forestryio Forestry.io
forgerock ForgeRock
formkeep FormKeep
formspree formspree
formstack Formstack
forrester Forrester
fortune Fortune
forty8fiftylabs Forty8Fifty Labs
fossaio FOSSA
fossid FOSSID
foundationdb FoundationDB
fountain Fountain
foursquare foursquare
fox FOX
framer Framer
freebsd FreeBSD
freedombox FreedomBox
freelancer freelancer
freeloaderwtf Freeloader.WTF
apache_freemarker FreeMarker
freepik freepik
freshdesk Freshdesk
freshtracksio FreshTracks.io
freshworks Freshworks
friedriceio Friedrice
frontapp Front
fsf FSF
ft Financial Times
google_fuchsia fuchsia
yusukekamiyamane Fugue Icons icons
fusion-reactor FusionReactor
fusionauthio FusionAuth
gaia-pipelineio Gaia
galvanize Galvanize
game-iconsnet Game-icons.net
gandi Gandi.net domains
gangliainfo Ganglia
gardenio Garden.IO
gartner Gartner
gatsbyjs Gatsby.js
gayot Gayot
gdal GDAL
gnome_gedit Gedit
geekflare Geekflare
gemfury Gemfury
ge General Electric
geonames GeoNames
gmu_edu George Mason University university
getaround Getaround
getcrossbeam Crossbeam
getdivvy Divvy Pay
geteventbot Eventbot
getexpressive Expressive
getformio GetForm
getgrav Grav
getmeadow Meadow
getmonero Monero
getpepperoni Pepperoni
getpinoio Pino
getpostman Postman
getshogun Shogun
getsoundly Soundly
getswishse Swish
ghost Ghost
ghostscript Ghostscript
giantswarmio Giant Swarm
gimp Gimp graphics, software
giphy GIPHY
git-scm git version_control
gitguardian GitGuardian
github Github version_control
gitkraken GitKraken
gitlab gitlab
gitpitch GitPitch
gitpodio Gitpod
gitterim Gitter
gizmodo Gizmodo
glamour Glamour
gliffy Gliffy
glitch Glitch
soloio_gloo gloo
gmail Gmail email, google
gnome GNOME
gnu GNU
golang Go Language programming_language
go2group Go2Group
godaddy GoDaddy domains, hosting
godotengine Godot Engine
goeditio GoEdit
gog GOG.com
goldmansachs Goldman Sachs
golinksio GoLinks
goodmoney Good Money
google Google google, search
google_analytics Google Analytics analytics, google
google_cloud Google Cloud
google_drive Google Drive
google_maps Google Maps google, mapping
google_ads Google Ads
google_ai Google AI
google_play Google Play ecommerce, google
google_plus Google+ google, social_network
gorillatoolkit Gorilla
gourlio GoUrl
govuk GOV.UK
gq GQ
gradienthunt Gradient Hunt
gradle Gradle
grafana Grafana
grails Grails
graphcool Graphcool
graphiteapp Graphite
graphql GraphQL
graphviz Graphviz
grasshopper Grasshopper
gratipay Gratipay
gravatar Gravatar
gravitio Gravit
gravwellio Gravwell
graylog Graylog
greendot Green Dot
greenkeeperio Greenkeeper
greenpeace Greenpeace
greenplum Greenplum
gremlin Gremlin
gridgain GridGain
groovy-lang Groovy
groupon Groupon
growthbot GrowthBot
growthhackers GrowthHackers
grpcio gRPC
grubhub Grubhub
gruntjs Grunt
theguardian The Guardian
google_guava Google Guava
guess-js guess.js
gnu_guix GuixSD
gulpjs gulp.js
gumroad Gumroad
gunicorn Gunicorn
gusto Gusto
gwtproject GWT Project
habitica Habitica
hackerone HackerOne
apache_hadoop Hadoop
haiku-os Haiku Project
handlebarsjs Handlebars
hapijs hapi.js
haproxy HAProxy
goharborio Harbor
harmoneyconz Harmoney NZ
hashbaseio Hashbase
hashicorp HashiCorp
hashnode Hashnode
hashrocket Hashrocket
haskell Haskell programming_language
hasuraio Hasura
haxe Haxe
haxeflixel HaxeFlixel
hbr Harvard Business Review
healthgrades Healthgrades
heapanalytics Heap Analytics
heatmaptv Heatmap.TV analytics, andrew_marcuse, noah_marcuse
hedera Hedera
hellogrove Grove
hellovelocity Hello Velocity
helmsh Helm
heptio Heptio
heroku Heroku hosting
apache_heron Heron
herzum Herzum
hexoio Hexo
hibernate Hibernate
hibu Hibu
hindsightsoftware Hindsight
hiptest Hiptest
hirelocker HireLocker
hiri Hiri
hitachi Hitachi Global
apache_hive Apache Hive
hive Hive
hockeyapp HockeyApp mobile, saas
honeybadgerio Honeybadger
honeycombio Honeycomb
hootsuite Hootsuite
hooyu HooYu
hortonworks Hortonworks
host1plus Host1Plus
hostgator HostGator
hp Hewlett Packard
hsbc HSBC
w3_html5 HTML5
html5up HTML5Up
huawei Huawei
hubspot HubSpot
huffingtonpost The Huffington Post
humio Humio
humu Humu
hyper_sh hyper.sh
hyperledger Hyperledger
hyperscanio Hyperscan.io
hypervelocityconsulting HyperVelocity Consulting
netflix_hystrix Hystrix
i18next i18next
iana Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ibm IBM
ibm_cloud IBM Cloud
ica International Council on Archives
icann ICANN
icinga Icinga
iconfoundation ICON
icondrawer Icon Drawer
iconmonstr iconmonstr
nongnu_icoutils icoutils graphics, icons
idalko Exalate
idatalabs iDatalabs
idc IDC
identihubco Identihub
ieee IEEE
ietf IETF
ifttt IFTTT
igalia Igalia
illumos illumos
adobe_illustrator Adobe Illustrator adobe, graphics, svg
imagemagick ImageMagick graphics, programming_library
imgur Imgur
apache_impala Impala
inc Inc.
includeos includeOS
infernojs Inferno
influxdata InfluxData
infoblox Infoblox
infor Infor
informationweek InformationWeek
infoworld InfoWorld
ing ING
ingress Ingress game
inkscape Inkscape graphics, software
inloopx inloopx
helloinspire Inspire
instacart Instacart
instagram Instagram
instana Instana
instantlogosearch Instant Logo Search
instyle InStyle
intel Intel
jetbrains_idea IntelliJ IDEA
intento Intento
intercom Intercom
archive Internet Archive charity, digital_preservation
internetsociety Internet Society
interviewcake Interview Cake
investopedia Investopedia
invisionapp InVision
invoiceninja Invoice Ninja
ioki ioki
iopipe IOpipe
ipfsio IPFS
ironio Iron.IO
ironox Iron Ox
isostech Isos Technology
issuu Issuu
istioio Istio
itextpdf iText pdf, programming_library
jabra Jabra
jaegertracingio Jaeger
jamendo Jamendo Music
jamf Jamf
jamstack JAMstack
janestreet Jane Street
jasmine Jasmine
java Java java, programming_language
javaee_glassfish GlassFish
javascript JavaScript programming_language
jekyllrb Jekyll static_website
jenkins The Jenkins Project continuous_integration, software
eclipse_jersey Jersey
jestjsio Jest
oraclejet Oracle JET
jetbrains JetBrains ide
eclipse_jetty Jetty appserver, java
jfrog JFrog
jimdo Jimdo
pocoo_jinja Jinja2
atlassian_jira Jira
jmespath JMESPath
joomla Joomla
jornaya Jornaya
joyent Joyent
jpmorganchase JPMorgan Chase
jquery jQuery javascript, programming_library
jquerymobile jQuery Mobile
jqueryui jQuery UI
jsfoundation JS Foundation
jsdelivr jsDelivr
jsfiddle JSFiddle
json JSON
json-schema JSON Schema
jujucharms Juju
julialang Julia Language
jumoworld JUMO
jumpcloud JumpCloud
jumprope Jumprope
jupyter Jupyter
justinmind Justinmind
k15t k15t
kabbage Kabbage
apache_kafka Apache Kafka software
kaggle Kaggle
kakaocorp_talk KakaoTalk
kantegano Kantega
karma-runner Karma
kastelonet Kastelo
katacoda Katacoda
katacontainersio Kata Containers
kde KDE
keboola Keboola
keepassinfo KeePass
keepassx KeePassX
keybase Keybase
keycdn KeyCDN
khanacademy Khan Academy
elasticco_kibana Kibana
kickstarter Kickstarter
kii Kii
kik kik
getkirby Kirby
kissmetrics Kissmetrics
kitlang Kit
kiteappco Kite Compositor
klarna Klarna
kleraio Klera
kliptv klip collective
knawnl KNAW
knockoutjs Knockout
knowbe4 KnowBe4
ko-fi Ko-fi
koajs Koa
konghq Kong
kony Kony
kotlinlang Kotlin
kryptco Krypton
kubedb KubeDB
kubernetes Kubernetes
apache_kudu Apache Kudu
kyloio Kylo
labelmakr LabelMakr andrew_marcuse, labels, saas
ni_labview LabVIEW
lacnicnet LACNIC Inicio
amazon_awslambda AWS Lambda
lambdaclass LambdaClass
languageicon Language Icon
leafonet_lapis Lapis
laravel Laravel
lastpass LastPass
latimes Los Angeles Times
latitudelongitude LatitudeLongitude.ORG
launchdarkly LaunchDarkly
lbryio LBRY
leafletjs Leaflet
leansentry LeanSentry
leevalley Lee Valley
legalshield LegalShield
lendingtree LendingTree
leoeditor Leo Editor
lernajsio Lerna
lesscss less
letsencrypt Let's Encrypt
leveldb LevelDB.org
leverco Lever
lexisnexis LexisNexis
lg LG
lgtm LGTM
liberapay Liberapay
loc Library of Congress digital_preservation, usa
libreoffice LibreOffice software
lifehacker lifehacker
liferay Liferay
lightbend Lightbend
lightstep LightStep
lighttable Light Table
lilo Lilo.org
lime Lime
lindenlab Linden Lab
line LINE
line2 Line2
lineageos LineageOS
lingoapp Lingo
linkedin LinkedIn
linkerdio Linkerd
linode Linode hosting
linux Linux
linux-kvm KVM
linuxfoundation Linux Foundation
lipoio Lipo
liquibase Liquibase
liquidmarkup Liquid
litecoin Litecoin
litmus Litmus
lloydsbank Lloyds Bank
lmgtfy LMGTFY
lobsters Lobsters
lodash Lodash
logdeviceio LogDevice
logdna LogDNA
loggly Loggly
logicmonitor LogicMonitor
logitech Logitech
logmaticio Logmatic.io
logmein LogMeIn
logrocket LogRocket
elasticco_logstash Logstash
grafana_loki Loki
lola Lola.com
loopbackio LoopBack
lua Lua programming_language
lucee Lucee
apache_lucene Lucene
lucidchart Lucidchart
uber_ludwig Ludwig
lunrjs lunr.js javascript, programming_library
lyrebirdai Lyrebird
mabl mabl
macquarie Macquarie
macstadium MacStadium
maersk Maersk
cloud66_maestro Maestro
mailchimp MailChimp
mailgun Mailgun
mailjet Mailjet
mailshake Mailshake
js_maker Maker.js
mandrill Mandrill
manifoldco Manifold
manning Manning
mapbox mapbox mapping
mapd MapD
mapquest MapQuest mapping
mapr MapR
mapzen MapZen
marcaria Marcaria domains
marcus Marcus
marcuse_ink Noah Marcuse
mariadb MariaDB
markdown-here Markdown Here
marketo Marketo
marketwatch MarketWatch
marlinfw Marlin Firmware
marqeta Marqeta
mashable Mashable
joinmastodon Mastodon Project
materialos MaterialOS
mathworks MathWorks
matillion Matillion
matomo Matomo
matrix Matrix.org
mattermark Mattermark
apache_maven Maven
mediaareanet MediaArea
mediawiki MediaWiki
medium medium blogging
meetup Meetup
megaport Megaport
memcached memcached
memcachier MemCachier
memegen Memegen
menapayio MenaPay
mercurial-scm mercurial version_control
apache_mesos Apache Mesos
mesosphere Mesosphere
messagebird MessageBird
metabase Metabase
metafilter MetaFilter
meteor Meteor
dropwizardio_metrics Metrics
mi Mi
msu_edu Michigan State University
microprofileio Microprofile
microsoft Microsoft microsoft
dotnet Microsoft .Net programming_language, programming_library
mifos Mifos
migadu Migadu
milligramio Milligram
minecraft Minecraft game
minioio minio
mint Mint
mitedu MIT
mixnode Mixnode
mlab mLab
mmonit M/Monit
mobyproject Moby
mochajs Mocha.js
modx MODX
mojang Mojang
momentjs moment.js javascript, programming_library, time
monday monday.com
monetdb MonetDB
mongodb MongoDB database, nosql
mono-project Mono
monopoliesnet Digital Monopolies
montecitobank Montecito Bank & Trust
monzo Monzo
moogsoft Moogsoft
moonmailio Moonmail
morganstanley Morgan Stanley
motherjones Mother Jones
moven Moven
mozilla Mozilla charity, open_source
mozy Mozy
msnbc MSNBC
mulesoft MuleSoft
mullvadnet Mullvad
multicorn Multicorn
mumosystems Mumo Systems
muralco Mural
mybatis MyBatis
myfonts MyFonts fonts
mypaga Paga
mysql MySQL database
mywot Web of Trust
n26 N26
naagovau National Archives (Australia) australia, digital_preservation
nabcomau NAB
nacha NACHA
nagios Nagios
namecoin Namecoin
vectaio_nano nano
nano Nano
nasa NASA
nasagov_earthobservatory NASA Earth Observatory
thenation The Nation
weathergov National Weather Service
archives National Archives (USA) digital_preservation, usa
ni National Instruments
nationalarchives National Archives (UK)
nationalreview National Review
nativescript NativeScript
natlibgovtnz National Library of New Zealand
natsio NATS
nbc NBC
nearform nearForm
nearlyfreespeech NearlyFreeSpeech.Net hosting
neo4j Neo4j
neovimio Neovim
nerves-project Nerves Project
nestjs Nest.js
apache_netbeans NetBeans
neteller NETELLER
netflix Netflix
netim Netim
netlify Netlify
netspend Netspend
networksolutions Network Solutions
newrelic New Relic
newrepublic The New Republic
newsblur NewsBlur
newyorker The New Yorker
nextcloud Nextcloud
nextdoor Nextdoor
nginx NGINX
ngrxio NgRx
nianticlabs Niantic Labs
niftylettuce niftylettuce
nim-lang Nim
nist nist
nixos NixOS Linux
nlnetlabsnl NLnet Labs
nodejs Node.js javascript, programming_library
nodemonio nodemon
nodeping NodePing monitoring
nomadlist Nomad List
nomadprojectio Nomad
nordnetse Nordnet
nicolasgallagher_normalize-css Normalize.css
northbay-networks Northbay Networks
theupdateframework_notary Notary
readthedocsio_notifiers Notifiers
notionso Notion
thenounproject The Noun Project software
nozbe Nozbe
npmjs npm
npr National Public Radio
ns1 NS1
nucleusbe Nucleus
nuget NuGet
numericcal Numericcal
numerify Numerify
numpy NumPy
nuxtjs Nuxt.js
nvidia NVIDIA
nylas Nylas
nytimes The New York Times
oasis-open OASIS
apple_objectivec Objective-C apple, programming_language
ocaml OCaml
ojkgoid OJK
okcupid OkCupid
okru OK.RU
okta Okta
omiseco Omise
omnidb OmniDB
onepoint-projects One Point Projects
theonion The Onion
onnxai ONNX
radgametools_oodle Oodle
open19 Open19
openaccessbutton Open Access Button
openapis OpenAPI Initiative
openbundleio OpenBundle
opencast Opencast
opencensusio OpenCensus
opencollective Open Collective
opencontainers Open Containers Initiative
openculture Open Culture
opencv OpenCV
openforgeio OpenForge
ogpme The Open Graph Protocol
okfn OpenKnowledge
openlibrary OpenLibrary
openmakesoftware OpenMake
openmetricsio OpenMetrics
openoffice Apache OpenOffice software
openpgp OpenPGP
openpolicyagent Open Policy Agent
openshift OpenShift
opensource Open Source Initiative
openssl openssl
openstack OpenStack
openstreetmap OpenStreetMap
opentable OpenTable
opentracingio The OpenTracing project
apache_openwhisk OpenWhisk
opera Opera
oppia Oppia
oracle Oracle
apache_orc Apache ORC
oreilly O'Reilly
oribiio Oribi
oriente Oriente
orijtech orijtech
osfio Open Science Framework
overops OverOps
owncloud ownCloud
yelp_paasta PaaSTA
paciellogroup The Paciello Group
packagist Packagist
packerio Packer
packet Packet
philadelphiapact PACT
pagecloud PageCloud
pagerduty PagerDuty
palletsprojects Pallets Projects
usepanda Panda
pandadoc PandaDoc
pantheonio Pantheon
papaparse Papa Parse
papertrailapp Papertrail
parceljs Parcel
parseplatform Parse Platform
particleio Particle
partimus Partimus
passportjs Passport.js
patreon Patreon monetization
payarafish Payara
paychex Paychex
payoneer Payoneer
paypal PayPal payments
payspherepayroll PaySphere Payroll
pbs PBS
pcisecuritystandards PCI
pdfreactor PDFreactor
pdfsam PDFsam
pdflabs_pdftk PDFtk
peco PECO
peercoinnet Peercoin
penjico Penji
people PEOPLE
pepsi Pepsi
perforce Perforce
perkeep Perkeep
perl Perl programming_language
permacc Perma.cc
perpay Perpay
mozilla_persona Mozilla Persona authentication, security
personalcapital Personal Capital
dalibo_pgbadger pgBadger
phalconphp Phalcon
phaserio Phaser
philly Philly.com
phishprotection Phish Protection
phoenixframework Phoenix
php PHP php, programming_language
phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin
pi-holenet Pi-hole
picmonkey PicMonkey
apache_pig Apache Pig
pilcro Pilcro
pinboard Pinboard bookmarking
pine64 PINE64
pineapplefund Pineapple Fund
pingboard Pingboard
pingcap PingCAP
pingomatic Ping-o-Matic
pingpilot PingPilot
pinnacle21 Pinnacle 21
pinterest Pinterest
pipelinedb PipelineDB
pir Public Interest Registry
pivotalio Pivotal
pixabay Pixabay
plaid Plaid
platform9 Platform9
platformio Platform.IO
plextv Plex
plnkrco Plunker
withplum Plum
pm2io PM2
pobox Pobox
getpocket Pocket
poeditnet Poedit
apache_poi Apache POI java, microsoft, open_source, programming_library
politico Politico
netflix_pollyjs Polly.JS
polymerproject Polymer
postcss PostCSS
postgres-xl Postgres-XL
postgresql PostgreSQL database
postmakeio Postmake
postmarkapp Postmark
postmarketos postmarketOS
postmates Postmates
microsoft_powerbi Power BI
powerdns PowerDNS
powerhrg Power Home Remodeling
microsoft_powershell PowerShell
praecipio Praecipio
pragprog The Pragmatic Bookshelf
prestodb PrestoDB
prettierio Prettier
github_primer Primer
princexml Prince
pringles Pringles
printfly Printfly
prismaio Prisma
producthunt Product Hunt
productplan ProductPlan
prometheusio Prometheus
protonmail ProtonMail
prototyprio Prototypr
protractortest Protractor
getpublii Publii
pugjs Pug
pulumiio Pulumi
puppet Puppet
pptrdev Puppeteer
puppylinux Puppy Linux
purecssio PureCSS
purescript PureScript
purism Purism
purplejsio PurpleJS
python Python programming_language, python
pytorch PyTorch
pyupio pyup
qasymphony QASymphany
qboxio Qbox
qemu QEMU
qlik Qlik
qmetry QMetry
qq QQ
qtio Qt
quad9 Quad9
qubes-os Qubes OS
quicwg QUIC
cloudflare_quiche quiche
quickbase Quick Base
quicken Quicken
quicktypeio quicktype
quip Quip
quora Quora answers
interversetk_qview qView
qwant Qwant
rabbitmq RabbitMQ
rabobank Rabobank
racket-lang Racket
rackspace Rackspace
radiusbank Radius Bank
railsbank Railsbank
ramdajs Ramda
rancher Rancher
rapidapi RapidAPI
raspberrypi Raspberry Pi
raspbian Raspbian
socketome Ratchet
alibaba_rax Rax
rbcroyalbank RBC Royal Bank
rbs RBS
rd Reader’s Digest
reactjs React
react-pdf React-pdf
reactivexio ReactiveX
readcube ReadCube
readmeio ReadMe.IO
readthedocsio ReadTheDocs
reasonml Reason
rebasedpl Rebased.pl
rebol REBOL Language
google_recaptcha reCAPTCHA
recodenet Recode
reconfigureio Reconfigure.io
red-lang Red Programming Language
redashio Redash
reddit Reddit
redhat Red Hat
redirect2me redirect2me
redis Redis
redmonk RedMonk
redpenio Red Pen
redpoint Redpoint Ventures
redsharknews RedShark News
reduxjs.org Redux
refinedwiki RefinedWiki
regexplanet RegexPlanet
theregistercouk The Register
facebook_relay Relay
relicabackup Relica
repaircafe Repair Café
replicantus Replicant
replicated replicated
replit Repl.it
requirejs RequireJS
resolutionde Resolution
restify Restify
reuters Reuters
revealjs reveal.js
revolut Revolut
rhizome Rhizome
riadase Riada
basho_riak Riak
ricksoft Ricksoft
rightstar RightStar
ringcentral RingCentral
ripenet RIPE
ripple Ripple
ritekit RiteKit
coreos_rkt rkt
r-project R Project programming_language
rocketrs Rocket
rocketlawyer Rocket Lawyer
apache_rocketmq Apache RocketMQ
rocksdb RocksDB
roguewave Rogue Wave
roku Roku
rollbar Rollbar
rollingstone Rolling Stone
rollupjs rollup.js
rookio Rook.io
rookout Rookout
rosie-lang Rosie Pattern Language
apache_royale Apache Royale
rpm rpm
rsa RSA
rss RSS
rsvg rsvg graphics, svg
rsyslog rsyslog
batsov_rubocop RuboCop
ruby-lang Ruby programming_language
stickermule_rump Rump
rundeck Rundeck
rust-lang Rust Language programming_language
firebaseapp_rxjs RxJS
saashub SaaSHub
apple_safari Safari apple, browser
js_sagui Sagui
sailsjs Sails.js
salesforce salesforce
saltstack SaltStack
samsung Samsung
sandcastlezone Sand Castle Zone andrew_marcuse, noah_marcuse
sangria-graphql Sangria
santanderbank Santander Bank
js_sao SAO
sap SAP
saplinghr Sapling
sas SAS
sass-lang Sass
saucelabs Sauce Labs
scala-sbt sbt
scala-lang Scala
scaleleap ScaleLeap
scaleway Scaleway
scalyr Scalyr
scancafe ScanCafe
schemacrawler SchemaCrawler
slb Schlumberger
scientificamerican Scientific American
scipy SciPy
scotiabank Scotiabank
scrapinghub ScrapingHub
mit_scratch scratch programming_language
screenguru Screen Guru
scroll Scroll
scylladb ScyllaDB
sdkmanio SDKMAN
sdxcentral SDxCentral
seafile Seafile
seatgeek SeatGeek
secshell Security Shell
sectionio section.io
segment Segment
seisan Seisan Consulting
seleniumhq Selenium
semantic-ui Semantic UI
semaphoreci SemaphoreCI
sematext Sematext
semmle Semmle
sendgrid SendGrid
senecajs Seneca.js
sensaphone Sensaphone
sensedia Sensedia
sensuio Sensu
nevatech_sentinet Sentinet
sentryio Sentry
septa SEPTA
sequelizejs sequelize
sequelpro Sequel Pro
serverless serverless
serviceclarity ServiceClarity
servicenow ServiceNow
servicerocket Service Rocket
severalnines Severalnines
sezzle Sezzle
sfconservancy Software Freedom Conservancy
shakelaw Shake
shareaholic Shareaholic
shell Shell
shieldsio Shields.IO
shippable Shippable
shoelacestyle Shoelace site_framework, webdesign
shopify Shopify
shopkinsworld Shopkins
shoprunner ShopRunner
getsidecar Sidecar
siemens Siemens
sig Susquehanna International Group
signal Signal messaging
signalfx SignalFx
signalsciences Signal Sciences
getsigneasy SignEasy
signnow SignNow
signupgenius SignUpGenius
siliconvalley SiliconValley.com
silverlake Silver Lake
similartech SimilarTech
simple Simple
simpleanalyticsio Simple Analytics
simpleicons simpleicons icons
simplelegal SimpleLegal
simpleshareio SimpleShare.IO andrew_marcuse, saas, sharing
sindresorhus Sindre Sorhus
sinonjs Sinon.JS
siriusxm siriusxm
siroopch siroop
sitepoint SitePoint
sixabovestudios SixAbove Studios
sketchapp Sketch
skf SKF
skrill Skrill
cloud66_skycap Skycap
skyfonts SkyFonts
skymindai Skymind
skype Skype messaging, microsoft, videoconference, voip
slack Slack
slashdot Slashdot
slatejs Slate
slideshare SlideShare presentation, saas
smartbear Smart Bear
smartdraw SmartDraw
smartsheet SmartSheet
smashingmagazine Smashing Magazine
smtp2go SMTP2GO
smugmug SmugMug
snapchat Snapchat
snaplogic SnapLogic
snapsvgio Snap.svg
snort Snort
snowflake Snowflake
socialtables Social Tables
societegenerale Société Générale
socketio Socket.IO
sofi SoFi
softagram Softagram
softbank SoftBank
softerware SofterWare
softwareag SoftwareAG
softwarefreedom Software Freedom Law Center
softwareheritage Software Heritage
softwareplant SoftwarePlant
solace Solace Systems
solarwinds SolarWinds
inrupt_solid Solid
ethereum_solidity Solidity
soloio solo-io
apache_solr Solr
sonos Sonos
soundcloud SoundCloud
sourcegraph Sourcegraph
spartez Spartez
speakerdeck Speaker Deck
speckyboy Speckyboy
specteropsio SpecterOps
picturepan2_spectre Spectre.css
spectrum Spectrum
spectrumchat Spectrum Chat
sphereinc Sphere
sphinxsearch Sphinx
spi-inc Software in the Public Interest
spiffeio spiffe.io
spiffeio_spire SPIRE
splashthat Splash
splunk Splunk
spoke Spoke
tibco_spotfire Spotfire
spotify Spotify
shopspring Spring
springio Spring Framework
sproutcore SproutCore
spyder-ide Spyder
sqlite SQLite
apache_sqoop Sqoop
soloio_sqoop Sqoop
soloio_squash Squash
squid-cache Squid Cache
squooshapp Squoosh
google_stackdriver Stackdriver
stackexchange Stack Exchange
stackify Stackify
stackoverflow Stack Overflow
stackpath StackPath
stackshare StackShare
stackshareio StackShare
starbucks Starbucks
stardog Stardog
starlingbank Starling Bank
startengine StartEngine
startupstash Startup Stash
statcounter Statcounter
statsbotco Statsbot
etsy_statsd statsd
statusfyco Statusfy
statusio Status.io
stdlib StdLib
steampowered Steam
stellar Stellar
stencila Stencila
stenciljs Stencil
stickermule Sticker Mule
stiltsoft StiltSoft
stimulusjs StimulusJS
stitchdata Stitch
stoplightio StopLight
storjio Storj
stratechery Stratechery
stratisiot STRATIS
strava Strava
stride Stride
stripe Stripe payments
strongloop StrongLoop
apache_struts Apache Struts
stumbleupon StumbleUpon bookmarking
styled-components Styled Components
stylelintio StyleLint
styleshout Styleshout
stylus-lang Stylus
apache_subversion Subversion
sugarcrm SugarCRM
sumologic Sumo Logic
supergiantio Supergiant
superhuman Superhuman
apache_superset Apache Superset
supertinyicons Super Tiny Icons
surety Surety
surgesh Surge
suse SUSE
svbtle Svbtle
sveltetechnology Svelte
w3_svg SVG
svgo svgo programming_tool, svg
svgporn SVG Porn icons, svg
swarmos SwarmOS
swaywm Sway
swift Swift apple, programming_language
syapse Syapse
symantec Symantec
symfony Symfony
syncro Syncro
syncthingnet Syncthing
synopsys Synopsys
js_syr Syr
sysdig Sysdig
syslog-ng syslog-ng
system76 System76
tableau Tableau
tachyonsio Tachyons CSS
boum_tails Tails
tailwindcss Tailwind CSS
talend Talend
tandemcouk Tandem
freedesktop_tango Tango Icons icons
target Target
tasktop Tasktop
tassl TASSL
tastejs TasteJS
tatonomusic Tatono
tcl Tcl programming_language
tdbank TD Bank
teachaccess Teach Access
teamlead Team Lead
teamquest TeamQuest
teamtreehouse Treehouse
techcrunch TechCrunch
techmeme Techmeme
technitium Technitium
techradar TechRadar
techsoup TechSoup
techstars Techstars
techtime Techtime
te TE Connectivity
telegram Telegram
telepresenceio Telepresence
tempoio Tempo
tencent Tencent
tendermint Tendermint
tensorflow TensorFlow
termux Termux
ternwater Tern Water
terracombr Terra
terraformio Terraform
tesla Tesla cars
tesselio Tessel
testio testio
testlio Testlio
textsio Texts
thecreativefew The Creative Few
thehhub The H Hub
theia-ide Theia
theigloolab the igloo lab
theinstitutes The Institutes
thenextweb TNW
theorchard The Orchard
thestreet TheStreet
thinktilt thinktilt
thoughtbot thoughtbot
thoughtworks ThoughtWorks
threatexpress Threat Express
tiaa TIAA
tibco TIBCO
ticketmaster Ticketmaster
pingcap_tidb TiDB
tideways Tideways
tikv TiKV
timberio Timber.IO
time TIME
timedoctor Time Doctor
timescale Timescale
apache_tinkerpop TinkerPop
tipalti Tipalti
tipeee Tipeee
meettippy Tippy
tito Tito
todogroup TODO Group
apache_tomcat Apache Tomcat appserver, java
github_toml toml
torproject Tor Project
thbs Torrey Harris
khanacademy_tota11y tota11y
totaljs Total.js
toxchat Tox
readthedocsio_tox Tox
toyboxsystems Toybox
toyota Toyota
edgewall_trac Trac
trackoff TrackOFF
tradeshift Tradeshift
traefikio Traefik
transfergo TransferGo
transfersh Transfer.sh
transferwise TransferWise
transitiontechnologies Transition Technologies
trapstreettk TrapStreet
travis-ci Travis CI continuous_integration
trayio Tray.IO
treasuredata Treasure Data
trello Trello
trifacta Trifacta
asktrim Trim
trinet TriNet
tripadvisor TripAdvisor
triplebyte Triplebyte
trivago trivago
theupdateframework TUF
tumblr tumblr.
tusio tus
twilio twilio
twistlock Twistlock
twittv TWiT
twitch Twitch
twitter Twitter
twofactorauth Two Factor Auth List
tyk Tyk
typeform Typeform
typefoxio TypeFox
typescriptlang TypeScript microsoft, programming_language
typesense Typesense
ubs UBS
ubuntu Ubuntu linux, operating_system
ucweb UC Mobile Ltd.
udacity Udacity
udemy Udemy
ultimatesoftware Ultimate Software
umbrellajs Umbrella JS
unbabel Unbabel
unicode Unicode file_format, reference, standards_body
percipientcx_uniconnect Percipient Uniconnect
unicorn-engine Unicorn Emulator
unitedhealthgroup UnitedHealth Group
un United Nations
unito Unito
unity3d Unity
universalviewerio Universal Viewer
unlock-protocol Unlock
unpaywall Unpaywall
updatescentral UpdatesCentral
upi UPI
uppyio Uppy
ups UPS
uptimerobot Uptime Robot
upwork Upwork
uqamca Université du Québec à Montréal
tuckey_urlrewrite UrlRewriteFilter java, programming_library
usatoday USA TODAY
usbank U.S. Bank
usefulcharts Useful Charts
v8dev V8
vagrantup Vagrant new
valiantys Valiantys
vampio Vamp
vaporio Vapor IO
varnish-cache Varnish Cache
varnish-software Varnish Software
varomoney Varo
vaultproject Vault
vavrio Vavr
vcfed Vintage Computer Federation
vectaio vecta
vectorlogozone VectorLogo.Zone andrew_marcuse, graphics, logos, reference
veeva Veeva Systems
apache_velocity Apache Velocity
venmo Venmo
venturebeat Venture Beat
verapdf veraPDF
verdaccio Verdaccio
theverge The Verge
verisign Verisign
verygoodsecurity Very Good Security
viber Viber
vice VICE
victorops VictorOps
videolan VideoLAN
vim vim
vimeo Vimeo
vine Vine
virt-manager Virtual Machine Manager
virtualbox VirtualBox
virustotal VirusTotal
google_visbug VisBug
vistarmedia Vistar Media
microsoft_vb Visual Basic microsoft, programming_language
visualstudio_code Visual Studio Code
vitessio Vitess
vivaldi Vivaldi
vividcortex VividCortex
vk VKontakte
videolan_vlc VLC
vmware VMware
vogue Vogue
vox Vox
vultr Vultr
w3c World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) reference, standards_body
w3c_validator W3C Markup Validator service
wafio Waf
waffleio waffle.io
wake Wake
wsj The Wall Street Journal
wallsync WallSync
walmart Walmart
wappalyzer Wappalyzer
wasabi Wasabi
washingtonpost The Washington Post
facebook_watchman Watchman
waterfoxproject Waterfox
waterlinejs waterline.js
nozbe_watermelondb WatermelonDB
waveapps Wave Financial
wavefront Wavefront
archive_web Wayback Machine
waymo Waymo
waytohealth Way To Health
weasyprint WeasyPrint
weaveworks Weaveworks
ethereum_web3js web3.js
webassembly WebAssembly programming_language
webcomponents webcomponents.org
webdev web.dev
webflow Webflow
webhintio webhint
webkit WebKit
weblinc WebLinc
js_webpack webpack
webrecorder Webrecorder
wechat WeChat messaging
weeklystandard The Weekly Standard
apache_weex Weex
wefunder Wefunder
weibo Weibo
wellsfargo Wells Fargo
pocoo_werkzeug Werkzeug
westpaccomau Westpac
wework WeWork
whalar Whalar
whatsapp WhatsApp
wi-fi Wi-Fi Alliance
wikidata Wikidata
wikimedia Wikimedia
wikimedia_commons Wikimedia Commons graphics, reference
wikipedia wikipedia
wikisource Wikisource
wildfly WildFly
wiley Wiley
winc Winc
wirch WIR Bank
wire Wire
wired Wired
wireguard WireGuard
wireshark Wireshark
wix Wix
wmtransfer WebMoney
woises Woises
wordpress WordPress blogging
workato Workato
worldclocktv WorldClockTV andrew_marcuse, app, time
worldlabel WorldLabel labels, office_supplies
wrox Wrox
wufoo Wufoo forms, saas
sendwyre Wyre
xbox Xbox gameconsole, microsoft
apple_xcode Xcode apple, ide
xero Xero
xfinity XFINITY
xing xing
xmatters xmatters
w3c_xml XML
xometry Xometry
xregexp XRegexp javascript, programming_library, regex
yahoo Yahoo!
yahoo_finance Yahoo Finance
yakut Yakut
yaml YAML
yammer Yammer
yandex Yandex social_network
yarnpkg Yarn
yasoon Yasoon
ycombinator Y Combinator news, venture_capital
yelp Yelp reviews
yeoman Yeoman build_tools, devtools, webdev
yiiframework Yii
youneedabudget YNAB
yoctoproject Yocto Project
yodlee Yodlee
yogalayout Yoga Layout
yola Yola
yottadb YottaDB
youtube YouTube google, video
yubico Yubico
yugabyte YugaByte
zabbix Zabbix
zagat Zagat food, restaurants, reviews
zapier Zapier
zcash Zcash
zeit ZEIT cloud, hosting
zendesk Zendesk
zenefits Zenefits
zenkit Zenkit
zenodo Zenodo
getzephyr Zephyr
zeplinio Zeplin
zeromq zeromq
ziglang Zig Language
zipkinio OpenZipkin
zipmark Zipmark
zocdoc Zocdoc
zoho Zoho
getzola Zola
apache_zookeeper ZooKeeper
zoomus Zoom videoconference
zuixjs zUIx.js
zulipchat Zulip
zuul-ci Zuul continuous_integration, software
zycada Zycada
zylo Zylo

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